FOCUS on Transport and Logistics
Andrew Robinson on 05/09/2018

Connecting the Dots

Service providers in the logistics network should be protected from liabilities.

Mike Fitzmaurice on 05/08/2018

Economies at Ransom to Governments

The continuing chaos at several of the most important borders in the South African Development Community (SADC) region is significantly raising the cost of transport and reducing the potential for trade and industrial growth.

Gavin Myers on 05/08/2018

The Easter conundrum

As a Johannesburg native, I don’t see the appeal in venturing too far away from home during holiday times

Vaughan Mostert on 04/10/2018

Now Is Your Chance, Comrade Blade!

I’d speculate that at no time since 1910 has the post of minister of transport been filled by anyone seriously committed to making transport work for the benefit of the whole community

Vic Oliver on 04/10/2018

Managing smaller truck fleets

When transport is not a company’s core business, there are many benefits to be gained by professionally managing and controlling a small fleet of company-owned trucks

Kirsten Mullins on 04/10/2018

Protective writs are safe for now 

In conflict with a Western Cape High Court decision, the KwaZulu-Natal High Court has held that the issue of a summons protects a claimant against a change of ownership of the ship. This provides some relief to creditors who rely on proceedings such as these to arrest ships that call in South African ports.

Mike Fitzmaurice on 04/10/2018

The way forward

Fesarta has big plans in place for 2018 and beyond

Vic Oliver on 03/15/2018

Managing Commercial Vehicle Operating Costs

The operating costs of heavy-duty commercial vehicles can be divided into fixed and variable costs, which must be monitored and controlled in order to lower total overall operating costs.

Kirsten Mullins on 03/14/2018

Cargo owners and insurers to pay more for piracy

In its October 2017 judgment, the United Kingdom (UK) Supreme Court held that operating costs incurred while negotiating a ransom with pirates fell within extra expenses allowed in general average (GA), and extended ship owners’ GA claims and the liability of cargo owners and insurers for GA contributions.

Mike Fitzmaurice on 03/14/2018

Winds of Change

Transport policies tend to change in 30 to 40-year cycles, and that time is on the horizon for southern Africa.

Mike Fitzmaurice on 02/28/2018

Tally-ho: 2018

Peter Drucker said: “The best way to predict the future is to create it…”

Andrew Robinson on 02/28/2018

As luck would have it

Shipping agents often incorrectly believe that they are protected by “being agents” acting for an undisclosed principal…

Sam Rolland on 02/28/2018

As luck would have it

December certainly proved eventful across much of the economic spectrum.

Vaughan Mostert on 02/27/2018

Advice for Elon Musk

Transport is fast becoming more of a burden to the economy than an enabler

Focus Reporter on 02/26/2018

Battle rages for the future of trade in Zimbabwe

Trading in southern Africa offers many challenges for transport companies, especially in politically unstable countries like Zimbabwe. Since the removal of former President Robert Mugabe, some hope that transporting goods to and from Zimbabwe could become less expensive. FOCUS takes a look.