Focus on Transport on 12/07/2018

Where to?

Disruption is the buzzword that has dominated boardrooms during the second decade of the 21st century. Public transport is no exception, with e-hailing apps changing the way commuters travel. However, such solutions have been the ire of their “traditional” competition – so how can everyone operate together?

Charleen Clarke on 12/07/2018

Iveco triumphs at the Truck Racing Championship!

Iveco has been crowned the overall winner of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship 2018. Team Hahn’s Jochen Hahn, driving his Iveco Stralis, was recently crowned FIA European Truck Racing Champion for an historic fifth time. Iveco dominated the 2018 season, with a total of 14 race wins.

Jarlath Sweeney on 12/07/2018

A van trio ready for action

What does it take to become winner of the International Van of the Year (Ivoty) award? Over the 27 years of honouring van brands and models with the most prestigious prize in the light commercial vehicle sector, the criteria remain the same: victory is decided by innovation, creating efficiencies, being environmentally friendly and safety, writes JARLATH SWEENEY, editor of Fleet magazine

Gavin Myers on 12/06/2018

Room for one more

Mercedes-Benz has upgraded its Vito 111 Tourer Pro. GAVIN MYERS drove it

Mariska Morris on 12/06/2018

Braking: the new villain of air pollution

With high levels of air pollution globally, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and aftermarket suppliers are developing more eco-friendly vehicles and solutions, with braking systems being the new frontier. MARISKA MORRIS reports.

Jim Ward on 12/06/2018

Hybrid hybrids

JIM WARD has been involved in the transport and logistics industry for 33 years. He found himself thinking about how much it has changed during this time, and was inspired to put his ideas to paper about what the future may hold.

Garet Greathead on 12/06/2018

Claiming from the Road Accident Fund

Hundreds more truck drivers die each year on South African roads than miners working in the country’s mines. Gareth Greathead takes a look at what measures are in place to ensure drivers and their families get the support they deserve following an accident, if they don’t come home, suffer a permanent impairment, or lose their ability to earn an income.

Focus on Transport on 12/06/2018

A wake-up call for drivers

Even the most responsible companies, the best drivers and the most comprehensive training have not eliminated the incidence of truck accidents. FOCUS investigates how in-cab fatigue-detection technology is providing a wake-up call for drivers.

Gavin Myers on 12/06/2018

Digging in deeply

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has (finally) expanded its range of Unimog specialised trucks in South Africa, with a model designed specifically for the agricultural sector. GAVIN MYERS gets acquainted with the first unit to land.

Focus on Transport on 12/05/2018

Mapping the future

Justin Manson, sales director of TomTom Telematics South Africa, has more than 15 years of experience in the fleet-management and telematics space. FOCUS speaks to him about the future of telematics.

Focus on Transport on 12/05/2018

Aiming for the top five

Harneet Luther, Executive director of Tata Automobile Corporation SA, is on a mission to guide the company to a renewed, prosperous, market-leading future – and customer satisfaction is at the centre of it all

Charleen Clarke on 12/05/2018

Living the dream

South African-born Angus Kotze has returned to this country as chief financial officer (CFO) of Scania South Africa. And, as CHARLEEN CLARKE discovers, he’s living his dream.

Charleen Clarke on 12/05/2018

Onwards and upwards for Scania Finance SA!

Patrik Glas-Crommert, previously chief financial officer (CFO) of Scania South Africa, has now been appointed mD of Scania Finance SA. And, as CHARLEEN CLARKE reports, he’s raring to go!

Charleen Clarke on 12/05/2018

Onwards and upwards for Scania Finance SA!

Patrik Glas-Crommert, previously chief financial officer (CFO) of Scania South Africa, has now been appointed mD of Scania Finance SA. And, as CHARLEEN CLARKE reports, he’s raring to go!

Mariska Morris on 12/05/2018

Decades at the wheel of innovation

The MD of Netstar, Pierre Bruwer, might be new to the Altron Group, but with ten years’ experience in the telematics industry, he is no stranger to technology innovation. MARISKA MORRIS sits down with this captain of industry.

Mariska Morris on 12/05/2018

Destined for Engen

At the age of eight, Bongiwe Bako, manager of marketing and business development at Engen, was already interested in petrochemicals with a passion for the Engen brand – then Mobil South Africa. MARISKA MORRIS learns more about her.

Focus on Transport on 12/05/2018

Meeting customer demand

It’s good to know that, in an environment where companies are doing all they can to reduce costs, quality is still top of mind. That’s why BPW is taking its customers from OE to PE.

Focus on Transport on 12/04/2018

Leading the charge to change

Jasper Hafkamp, executive director of Daimler Trucks and Buses (DTB) Southern Africa, has held the position for two and a half years now with great success – and he’s only just getting started

Tim Blakemore on 11/13/2018

BYD’s bold European expansion plans turn from dream to reality

In little more than five years, a battery and vehicle manufacturer from China has gone from nowhere to top-seller in the European electric-bus market. It’s now turning its attention to the European truck market. TIM BLAKEMORE, managing editor of Commercial Vehicle Engineer, reports

Gareth Greathead on 11/13/2018

Tariffs must rise

The increasing cost of fuel, labour and input costs in the commuter-bus sector is not being satisfied by government subsidies or inflation on ticket sales. GARETH GREATHEAD discusses the situation.

Mariska Morris on 11/13/2018

Conquering the globe with a Silk Road

Independent Chinese truck drivers are struggling despite growth in the gig economy, while the government plans to revive its ancient Silk Road trade route. MARISKA MORRIS investigates the situation in China.