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Still strong 17 years on

This year marks the 17-year partnership between the luxury-coach company Eldo Coaches and Scania South Africa. To celebrate this milestone, the two companies have launched a new fleet consisting of ten coaches.

Renschler on a roll!

Andreas Renschler and Volkswagen Truck & Bus are really in the news! This has been a long time coming. So much was expected of Renschler when he joined the Volkswagen board on February 1, 2015. The company had waited for the long-serving Daimler executive for a year (he obviously had a restraint of trade in place). For a while, it seemed as though he wasn’t going to make a huge difference ... because it was business as usual...

Road to hell

As South Africans, we all love to complain. In fact, I’m convinced it’s an official national pastime! One of our favourite topics is the bad condition of roads in South Africa...

Avoid the winter chills

Prepare your vehicles for the winter weather.

Connecting the Dots

Service providers in the logistics network should be protected from liabilities.

Infrastructure spend and the need to regain competitiveness

There are various regional examples of how spending on infrastructure – such as roads and rail – can boost a country’s competitive advantage.

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